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With reference to the above-mentioned subject, the undersigned is directed to refer to the Office memoranda of even No. dated 21.03.2012,17.11.2006 and 28.10.2012 OM Nos. S.14025/36/93/MS dated 26.03.94 and 17.08.1999 and to state that on the basis of recommendations of an Expert Committee, it has been decided to revise the rates and guidelines for hearing aids to be reimbursed under CS (MA) Rules, 1944 and CGHS.

  1. The revised ceiling rates fixed for various types of Hearing Aids (for one ear) are as under:
    1. Body-worn / Pocket – INR 3,000/-
    2. Analogue BTE – INR 7,000/-
    3. Digital BTE – INR – 5000/-
    4. ITC/CIC – INR – 20,000/-


The cost of hearing aid shall include all Taxes including VAT and shall carry ‘3’ year

The cost of Analogue BTE / Digital BTE / ITC / CIC type hearing aid shall also include the cost of ear mold.

  1. Beneficiaries covered under CS(MA) Rules, /CGHS shall be eligible to obtain hearing aid as per the following guideline.
    1. Patient/ Beneficiaries should be Properly referred to CGHS/ Government Hospital ENT Specialist From the parent CGHS Wellness center (A Computerized referral printout should be made whenever computerized has been done.)
    2. IT would be mandatory to carry CGHS Beneficiary’s ID card in original whenever the CGHS beneficiaries visit the CGHS / government ENT Specialist for consultation and audiometric test.
    3. The ENT Specialist of CGHS / Government hospital shall then recommend a hearing aid on the basis audiometric and audiological assessment, specifying the type of hearing aid most suited for the beneficiary. The audiogram report shall be authenticated by ENT Specialist/Consultant of CGHS/ government hospital.
  2. The permission to procure hearing aid shall be granted by Additional Director(zonal)of CGHS – ZONAL OFFICEin case of CGHS pensioner beneficiaries and by the Head of Department /Office in case of serving employees and CGHS beneficiaries of Autonomous Bodies on the basis of recommendation of a CGHS/ Government ENT Specialist and an ‘undertaking’ that the beneficiary has not been reimbursed the cost of hearing aid in the preceding Five years.
  3. Reimbursement claim shall be submitted to CGHS ZONAL OFFICE through CMO in charge of concerned dispensary by CGHS Pensioner beneficiary in the prescribed medical reimbursement claim form along with  the following documents –
    1. Referral letter from parents CGHS Wellness center ( computerized is done already)
    2. Copy of prescription of ENT consultant ( CHGS/ Govt. Hospital) with the Audiogram report duly authenticated by treating ENT Consultant (CGHS/GOVT).
    3. Copy of CHGS Card
    4. Bill/ Receipt (in original) carrying details of hearing aid – seller i.e NAME, QUALIFICATION, AND RCI/MCI REGISTRATION Of hearing – aid seller.
    5. The Permission letter to purchase hearing aid ( in original)
    6. Empty Box/boxes or the carton(s) with the label showing details of the hearing aid supplied.

In case of other beneficiaries, the medical claim shall be submitted to the concerned Ministry/ Department / Office. Reimbursement shall be limited to the ceiling rate or actual cost of the hearing aid, whichever is less.

  1. Record of permissions granted for procurement of hearing aids shall be maintained by CGHS in respect of pensioner CGHS beneficiaries and by concerned Ministry / Department/ Office in respect of other beneficiaries.
  2. Replacement of hearing aid may be permitted after 5 years on the basis of condemnation certificate issued by a technical expert and on approval of a CGHS/ Government Surgeon. ENT Maintenance and repair will be the responsibility of the beneficiary.
  3. These orders shall supercede all the earlier orders issued on the subject.
  4. The revised rates and guidelines shall come into force from the date of issue and shall be valid for a period of two years or till further revision, whichever 1s earlier.
  5. This issues with the approval of integrated Finance division of the ministry of health & family welfare.
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